Nikos Theodosiou was born in Athens in September 1946.

He studied cinema in Athens and afterwards the Dictatorship in 1967, he continued in Paris. There he attend the seminars of Jean Rouch on documentary, of Henri Langlois on the history of cinema, and Mark Ferro «Cinema and society».

He remained in Paris until 1974. Back in Greece he involved with cinema, journalism, photo reportage, radio, literature, and historical research. Until now 12 of his books have been published and he has directed more than 25 films.

He is:

– founding member of Youth Plan (Team of authors for the audiovisual expression of young people) and person in charge for the educational programs.

– member of three-member committee of Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young people

– artistic director of Camera Zizanio.

– founding member of Greek Documentary Network

(Selected fimograprhy)

  • Waiting for Roza (2012)


  • Mini docs (2012)

Documentary, Short.

  • The invisible director(2011)


  • Grammos, Illusions (2009)

Documentary, Short.

  • Mr Leonard and the travelling cinema (2008)


  • Maria Karagiorgi (2008)

Documentary, Short.

  • Santa Barbara – Fantasmata stin Keryneia (2007)


  • Koursal (2006)


  • Villy (2005)

Documentary, Short.

  • Amarilis (2005)

Documentary, Short.

  • Kontrabanda (2004)

Documentary, Short.

  • The singing walls (1999)

Documentary, Short.

  • Journey Without Ending ( (1997)

Documentary, Short.


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