last day



17 min

Year of production: 2014

Direction, camera, edit: Nikos Theodosiou

Music: Christos Alexopoulos

Production: Neaniko Plano

Contact: Neaniko Plano, 18 Rodos st. 11252, Athens Greece,



On November 9, 2013, under great intensity, which the violence of armed riot police and even against MPs is not missing, the last newscast of the public broadcaster, ERT comes on air. But it’s not similar to any other in the world. It’s not from a TV studio but in the street, with the riot police in the background.

Two days ago, we had the peak of the coup (the decision by Greece’s government to shut down the ERT) with the occupation of the building and the persecution of the employeeswho have remained in it when it went black on June 11, 2013.

This is the canvas on which, apparently unconnected reasons, are «embroidered»: therage of the film director RobertManthoulis, the narration of an old rebel of the CivilWar, Giannis Motsios, and MichalisKatsaros (1921-1998) poem “Resist”.


“The Last Day” is less than a documentary and more a political commentary. With the closureof the public broadcaster, ERT,by coup, democracy made a huge leap… backwards. But how back is taking us? That’s the question that the film puts, and with a parallel edit entangles the point of view of the man that laid the foundations for a modern television in Greece, Robert Manthoulis, and the academic Yiannis Motsios, old rebel of the “Democratic Army” who narrates the last day of the Civil War in 1949. A day that is still open wound. In between the narrations, a demonstration in Athens that is taking place without slogans but with thepoem by MichalisKatsaros that urged us to Resist. All seem to move in a circle, a circle with no ending. Because in reality, the last day doesn’t exist. When the day is gone, a new one comes.



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