The movie

Greek title: Ο κος Λεονάρδος και οι άλλοι

English title: Mr Leonard and the travelling cinema

A documentary by Nikos Theodosiou

68 min, Greece, 2008

The film is a journey in the fantastic world of wondering cinema projectionists that ran through the Greek rural areas bringing the magic of the 7th art to every village.


In 1905 Mr Leonard, a travelling showman, went to Kastori in Laconia, for two film performances.
But he didn’t have the time because he got sick and died before the performances.
This film looks for the others travelling showmen.

The camera travels through
Greece and meets people who are unique, full of passion, with troubles and nostalgia.
We see them burrowing in dark undergrounds old projectors, yellowed papers and photographs, touching upon the cinematographic film like it is silk.
The camera records tall stories.

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Direction: Nikos Theodossiou
Sceenplay: Nikos Theodossiou
Cinematography: Yorgos Kourmouzas, Nikos Theodossiou
Editing: Nikos Theodossiou, Yorgos Kourmouzas
Sound: Yorgos Kourmouzas
Music: Polykratis Polychronakis
Post production:

Ursus Arctus Studio

Production: Neaniko Plano Greece. + 30 210 8664 470 . +30 210 8662 344
Betacam SP / DigiBeta /Color 68’
Greece, 2008

Anyone who’s interested about the film don’t hesite to contact me


Nikos Theodosiou

18, Rodos street

12452 Athens Greece


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