Waiting for Roza


Documentary, Greece, 2012

55min, HDCAM

Director, Script-writer: Nikos Theodosiou

Cinematography: Kalman Czibolya

Editing: Damianos Voganatsis

Music: Socos  and traditional music

Production: Youth Plan


The film attempts to capture the Odyssey of the residents of Beloiannisz village in Hungary. The village was built in 1950 to house the political refugees from Greece, that arrived here after the defeat of Democratic Army in the mountains of western Macedonia. The unique «Greek» village outside Greece. Today, sixty years later,
is a shadow of itself and those who are left seem to coincide with Thomas, who was  desperately waiting for Rosa to come  for some decades, or … the fulfillment of a great expectation.

Every day Thomas went to the train station of Ivansca waiting for Rosa that was left in Greece after he was forced to flee, to arrive.   Although Rosa didn’t show up, he didn’t lose he’s hope. And so the days, months, years were passing by. For the rest of the residents, this same train station was the starting point for their own personal desire…. to return home.

Through these contradictory paths the chronicle of the residents of this “ephemeral” village, who lived with the most vivid way, the  shocking times in modern history, is unrolling: from the merciless bombings in Grammos – Greece in 48’-49’ and the exile, the Hungarian uprising of 1956, the dictatorship of 1967 in Greece and the amnesty of 1981, the political change in Hungary in 1989 until the desecration of graves with the red star.



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